About the Tracking Success Virtual Teaming Adventure

We use the ancient practice of animal tracking to solve modern-day business problems.

Are you looking for a different way to conduct your next leadership team meeting or conference?

As a result of the pandemic and associated ‘work-from-home’ policies, people have been starved of human interaction and connection. The knock-on effects of this have hindered our ability to brainstorm business problems and solutions.

It’s a new world … organisations are searching for a different way to engage hearts and minds.

We have a solution.

The Tracking Success Virtual Teaming Adventure.

We created Tracking Success to break the mold of traditional team-building programmes. We’ve developed a truly immersive experience that educates, entertains, and inspires. Tracking Success also allows for rich conversation and connection – speaking directly to the challenges leaders and organisations face.

The programme is a world-first.

It blends adventure, teaming, and experiential learning – into a single high- impact learning experience.

Tracking Success is designed for teams looking to unlock their performance, adding a powerful addition to Talent and Leadership Programmes, business meetings, and large company conferences.