How does it work?

Tracking Success is a
“choose your own adventure” programme. It puts the participants at the centre of the action.

Within minutes of starting, you are transported into the vast and wild African wilderness. You become the tracker in the complex task of tracking and finding your goal.

Here you meet an expert wildlife tracking team and become immersed in their world. Your adventure begins as you embark on a problem-solving journey tracking rhinoceros and lion.

You are exposed to multiple scenarios that require team discussion, group work, and ultimately decisions with different consequences.

Watch the video to find out how a Virtual Adventure works

During intervals the tracking is paused for a Campfire Conversation – facilitated conversations that ensure the tracking metaphor is linked to the real issues your team is facing.

Campfire conversations cover topics such as:

  • Alarm calls in your business

  • Purpose and meaning

  • Your legacy

What Makes Tracking Success Uniquely Different?

  • For starters, the storyline is authentic. We have created Tracking Success over many hours of filming real tracking teams on real tracking expeditions. You join them on the frontline of conserving Africa’s most endangered species and encounter the challenges they face

  • Tracking Success is entirely interactive. You become a tracker and make choices as if you are a team member. Your decisions have consequences.

  • Expert facilitation ensures relevance and application. The tracking metaphor and campfire conversations ensure this is no normal team-building exercise.

The Tracking Success Virtual Adventure can be delivered in-person or online using most video conferencing platforms. It can be run as a standalone programme or can be integrated into team meetings, strategic away days, or large company conferences.

What You Will Get…

Tracking Success presents an opportunity to participate in a unique and inclusive experience that builds team spirit, trust, and commitment.

  • A powerful metaphor for improving organizational health.

  • A proven method for energizing audiences, ranging from 1 to 1,000.

  • A chance to re-focus on what is most important to your team.

  • The opportunity to adopt the mindset of an expert wildlife tracker – to stay on track in your life.

  • A unique, shared experience delivered virtually or in-person.

  • An authentic way to unlock your team’s ability to adapt, improvise and work collaboratively to achieve a shared goal.

Tracking Success opens a view into the Tracker’s Mindset and how Expert Trackers make decisions in complex environments with incomplete information.

“Tracking Success takes you on a fantastic journey. The concept, videography, and facilitation come together into a very meaningful and enjoyable few hours. The tracking metaphor and the insights we gained have enabled us to continue to develop our ability to operate as an effective team.”

Doug Laburn, Lombard Partnerships

“Thank you for an amazing African adventure – what an experience! It was truly an educational, fun, teaming experience that was very much enriched by your obvious passion and love for the animals. Ian, you are an outstanding guide. Your wisdom, enthusiasm, and energy had us on the edge of our seats!”

Linda Shanley, VP Events Palo Alto Networks